Superlight Ubuntu Installation

Ubuntu logo banner

I have spent the last couple of years distro-hopping and playing around with different software, and I realised that no matter what distro I tried out I was removing most, or all, of the pre-installed software and installing my own preferred stuff, so thought I could try starting from fresh instead!

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“I can’t replicate that bug”

Bug. Earl-grey. Hot.“Bug, earl-grey, hot.” Courtesy of Dave at Blogography

This post is pretty picky, but I love discussing terminology and meaning with people.

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Test Automation = Keyboard Cat

Keyboard Cat

Firstly, please take this with a pinch of salt. I’m not being serious but the thought crossed my mind this morning and I thought I’d share. For this to work you need to accept that the cat is trained to play the keyboard, not that there’s someone operating its legs for it.

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Installing Composer in Manjaro

Manjaro banner image

I couldn’t find instructions anywhere for installing composer in Manjaro. I managed to get it working using the technique described for Arch in this article but had to do the steps in a different order.

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My Linux Installation Procedure

Xubuntu Logo

I first wrote this post over a year ago when I was setting up my desktop and laptop using Linux Mint, in order to give me a reference to follow when setting up a new computer. Since then I’ve scrapped Mint, Manjaro XFCE, Manjaro KDE and finally settled on Xubuntu. It gives the simplicity and huge community of Ubuntu, without all the bloatware and with the XFCE interface.

I’ve cut out much of the original post, as it was just me trying to justify my preferences. This is just how I like to do things.

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