Installing Composer in Manjaro

Manjaro banner image

I couldn’t find instructions anywhere for installing composer in Manjaro. I managed to get it working using the technique described for Arch in this article but had to do the steps in a different order.

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Ultimate Web Development Setup

Mint Logo

Update 15/04/2014: I no longer use Mint. I had far too many issues within the 6 months I was using it to carry on, so I’m currently trying out other distros.

I’ve recently switched from Windows to Linux Mint, and seeing as I run a laptop and a desktop I’ve been “documenting” my install process so I can easily refer back to it. Seemed a waste of time to keep my notes languishing on my dropbox!

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Simple Ruby script for minifying JavaScript

Ruby is awesome

Recently I’ve been getting frustrated by overly complicated tools for minifying JS but that don’t seem to work properly, so I wrote one.

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Updates, or something…

It’s been a very long time since my last post; I tend to rarely find a subject I want to write about, and then I’m usually so critical of what I’ve written that I never actually “release” it. I’ve therefore decided to write about more than just web geekery on this ‘ere blog site — I’m going to start writing about climbing too. First however, I thought I’d start with a summary of what I’ve been up to in the year or so that has passed since my last post.

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Multi level dropdown nav for inuit.css

Recently I needed a multiple-level dropdown menu, and as I couldn’t find a pure CSS one that fitted the bill, I wrote it as an inuit.css plugin.

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