About Me

Howdo, I’m Samuel Turner. I’m a software tester and tech enthusiast from Derbyshire/Manchester but currently living and working in sunny Sheffield.

Software Testing

I like to think I’m part of the inspired/agile/thinking testing community — I advocate questioning, thinking and exploratory testing, and dislike scripted/planned testing (although I have had a lot of practice!).

I am a Developer in Test, responsible for maintaining our automation framework and building tools to make testing easier.

Computer Modding

I love building and modifying desktop computers, and have damaged or killed numerous components while overclocking and chasing those last few precious Mhz. In recent years I’ve been playing with custom watercooling, and now have watercooled my desktop machine and my minecraft server.

Linux/Open Source

I’m a strong believer in reusable open source software and have been using linux on most of my compuers for over a decade.


I’ve been a passionate gamer on and off for many years. My favourite game has to be Minecraft because it gave me an excuse to watercool a server and overclock it to 4.2ghz. Read about Diggy Hole here